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About Us

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You don't want to hire just anybody to clean your house, hotel, office, business etc. You deserve someone who will give your property the incredible care it needs, and that's where Team Six Cleaning Services Ltd comes into Action.

We would like to suggest professional cleaning packages to fit our client's budgets and unique requirements. Our environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection methods won't pose any risk to your guests, employee and won't damage any surfaces within your property.

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Team Six Cleaning Services Ltd was founded by Amit Kumar Sharma and Chandaniben Changela (Shelly), they attended Thompson Rivers University to complete their Master's degree. Shelly has done her Master in Education field. Amit awarded a degree of International Baccalaureate Diploma. During the completion of their degree, Amit & Shelly worked as a cleaner back in 2018 and gradually developed an idea for cleaning business and started their own cleaning company. Shelly served as sessional professor at Thompson Rivers University. Amit is an active community member. Shelly has completed Master of Science (Mathematics) and Master of Philosophy from India and Amit has done Master of Business Admiration from India.

After living in BC for many years, Amit Sharma identified the need for high-quality, reliable cleaning services that could help people achieve a sense of peace and relaxation in their spaces. Using educational background and experience in the cleaning and customer service industries, Chandaniben Changela knew that she could leverage her skill set to successfully address this need. Amit Sharma overseeing all aspects of the business while Chandaniben Changela focusing on training and developing franchise partners, and delivering superior customer service.

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